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Pressure vessels and heat exchangers are expensive to install and maintain, and potentially highly damaging should failure occur. With extensive experience in the supply of vessels and tubing for a broad range of petro-chemical industry and processing applications, FFF has an excellent safety record and is known for its reliability and quality of product delivery.

FFF has a long history of supplying materials for Heat exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Pipe Spooling and Process equipment. We source components direct from mills and semi finished components and complete heat exchangers and vessels ready for installation from ASME accredited fabricators.  There isn’t a plant in Australian that doesn’t have FFF supplied materials in it.

Our capacity to contribute at the earliest stages of a project, whether the design and construction of new plant, or the scheduling of maintenance and shutdown activity, means clients call on us.


Seamless and welded, all grades including Ubending and a full final inspection before despatch to ensure seamless installation into your tube bundle.


Get access to all the big mills worldwide through FFF.  When time is critical, our local stock is strategically located to provide you with short delivery times. In house plate nesting service using FastCam – let us optimise your components into an efficient plate mill run to reduce waste and cost.

Sandmeyer Products

FFF is the Asia-Pacific Sales branch for Sandmeyer Steel Company, one of the biggest stock holders of stainless and nickel alloy plates in the world. Full plates or cut pieces available from the Sandmeyer range.


Full project packages of forgings can be supplied in one delivery. Tubesheets, girth and channel flanges, nozzle flanges down to the couplings. All finish machined and drilled ready for welding. Drilled baffle plates can also be supplied as part of the tubesheet bundle package.

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