No other supply chain provider in Australia can offer BAYER process expertise to match that of FFF. Our team members draw on industry experience to provide innovative, reliable solutions to our clients’ needs.

Designed in collaboration with leading metallurgical experts, the microstructure of our “Super Tube” exceeds standard industry specifications and provides longer tube life together with reduced maintenance requirements. No other tube on the market provides the longevity or reliability in the highly corrosive H2SO4 environment encountered during the BAYER process for Alumina refining.

Need a complete heat exchanger fabricated?  FFF can undertake the supply and fabrication of the shell plate together with the specialist tube to provide a finished fabricated heat exchanger purpose designed to your requirements.

We also supply carbon and stainless steel tubing as well as shell and tube heat exchangers, and can provide tailored solutions for all stages of the Alumina refining process.

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